Who are we?

Our full name is: TUL Sports and Education Centre “Sports Bay”. Sports Bay is an organisational unit of Lodz University of Technology which was brought to life by the Directive No. 13/2016 issued by the Rector of Lodz University of Technology.

Witold Nykiel is the acting director.


What do we offer?

The swimming pool consists of two pools: 50 meters and 25 meters. The depth of the first along the entire length is 2.5 meters. The water has a constant temperature of 27 ° C. Those who prefer warmer water can use the shorter pool. Its biggest advantage, however, is the adjustable bottom. Depending on your needs, it can be set from 0 to 5 meters. There are swimming lessons for children and adults, aquafitness as well as diving.

We have four badminton courts. The time of renting one tennis court is 60 minutes. It is possible to rent racket and darts.

The climbing wall complex consists of three parts. The largest of them is 17 m high and 30 m wide. It is divided into two parts - speed climbing and lead climbing. There are several dozens of belaying positions on the wall. The wall for speed climbing is in line with the IFSC standards, an International Sports Climbing Federation. You can play different levels of competition on it, even world championships.

The second element is a climbing wall with a height of 10 meters. It is less demanding, with smaller overhangs and easier formations. This part is geared towards recreation, great for beginners and children. The third part is a boulder wall. Climbing on it takes place without the use of ropes or harnesses. It is a climbing discipline consisting in overcoming short climbing "problems" on low, maximum 4-meter walls and cross-beams, without belaying over the mattresses, absorbing falls.

In the building is located Fit Fabric club. An element distinguishing this place among other clubs operating in this network is the extensive space for strength training. To improve the form, a motor training zone is used, where crossfit trainings also take place. In the second room there are martial arts trainings, including judo, karate, boxing and mma.

Zatoka Smaku restaurant specializes in Polish and European cuisine, ideal for seniors, families with children and students. Serves breakfasts and dinner sets.


Who can visit us?

Sports Bay was created in response to growing needs of professional sportspeople, students and also the citizens of Lodz and Lodz voivodeship. The facility is:

• a community and university sports centre,

• an educational centre for students from Lodz Universities where PE classes can be held,

• a facility where children and young adults from Lodz can train,

• a national training centre for swimming and high diving,

• a research lab for swimming sports,

• a recreation centre for the citizens and people from the closest region.


Where can you find us?

We are located at the TUL’s campus on Politechniki 10 Street.